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IIER Event Feedback

TheIIER International conference, Taipei, Taiwan,27th August 2018

IIER International conference 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5th June 2016

IIER Conference Calendar IIER Associates
21st-22nd Apr 2019 Bangkok, Thailand
Conference Details
Bangkok, Thailand.jpg
23rd-24th Apr 2019 Chennai, India
Conference Details
Chennai, India.jpg
24th-25th Apr 2019 Cape Town, South Africa
Conference Details
Cape Town, South Africa.jpg
26th-27th Apr 2019 Dubai, UAE
Conference Details
Dubai, UAE.jpg
28th-29th Apr 2019 Kuwait City, Kuwait
Conference Details
Kuwait City, Kuwait.jpg
29th-30th Apr 2019 Beijing, China
Conference Details
Beijing, China.jpg
01st-02nd May 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Conference Details
Dhaka, Bangladesh.jpg
03rd-04th May 2019 Hamburg, Germany
Conference Details
Hamburg, Germany.jpg
05th-06th May 2019 Sydney, Australia
Conference Details
Sydney, Australia.jpg
06th-07th May 2019 Beirut, Lebanon
Conference Details
Beirut, Lebanon.jpg
08th-09th May 2019 Perth, Australia
Conference Details
Perth, Australia.jpg
09th-10th May 2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference Details
Amsterdam, Netherlands.jpg
11th-12th May 2019 Barcelona, Spain
Conference Details
Barcelona, Spain.jpg
12th-13th May 2019 Cairo, Egypt
Conference Details
Cairo, Egypt.jpg
14th-15th May 2019 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Conference Details
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.jpg
15th-16th May 2019 Beijing, China
Conference Details
Beijing, China.jpg

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Indexing / Supported by

1. Each Paper will be assigned Online Digital Object Identifier (DOI Online)  
2. The registered papers shall be submitted to World Research Library ,Google Scholar, DRJI etc. for Indexing.  
3. All selected papers will be Printed in Proceedings (Book format) with an ISBN Number.  
4. The Proceeding will be archived in World Research Library i.e. www.worldresearchlibrary.org  
5. One Excellent Paper will be selected from each oral session.  
6. All the Selected Papers will be recommended for publication in any one international Journal After Peer Review Process and Assessment.  
7. Past Conference Highlights is available at conferencegallery.com  

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